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A Thesaurus , Pen Ink and Late Nights.
The Novice in Stripey Pants
The Remnants  
5th-Feb-2012 09:18 pm(Don't know what to
the bluest eyes
Getting a new journal. Shutting this one down. So long.
31st-Jan-2012 05:59 pm - Bye
the bluest eyes
I'm gone from here. I'm done. Don't expect to see my stupid ass anywhere on the planet.
22nd-Dec-2011 04:20 pm - Request for Kay; Homestuck icons
moon knight 1
Merry Christmas,Kay! Now enjoy your damn icons!

32 Homstuck icons of the Exiles as requested by Kay on tumblr. Free for anyone to use.



The RestCollapse )
21st-Dec-2011 04:12 am - Why...
Why do all my favorite characters die? He was so cute and funny. There was no point in killing him other than to rip my heart out.

I can't do this. If he really is dead..I'm done. I couldn't read any further knowing that he is gone

Fuck life.

Fuck this comic.

And fuck me.
20th-Dec-2011 06:06 pm(Don't know what to
I'm going to throw a bucket at someone.

Fo realz
Merry Christmas guys! Enjoy your early present.

19 FFVII Dirge of Cerberus Icons


The rest.Collapse )
17th-Dec-2011 04:01 pm - fffffffffffff
the bluest eyes
I keep abandoning this place.

Yet I keep coming back.
29th-Oct-2011 01:33 pm(Don't know what to
the bluest eyes
I hate not having a Halloween costume..


This Green Lantern necklace is looking kinda regretful...

6th-Oct-2011 08:04 am - Huh...
assassin group
Determination? That is new.. Lets see how this ends.

5th-Oct-2011 04:30 pm(Don't know what to
the bluest eyes
I've made my decision and I will get what I want. No one can stop me. I don't care what it takes, I'll do anything for this. To make it mine.

...Now I need to start..

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